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Hear Your Inner Voice

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

by Michele Madore

Courageous authenticity lies in our ability to hear our inner voice, the one we were born with that is there to take care of us. As we live life, the voices of others tell us what is okay or not okay, what is expected of us, what boundaries we should or shouldn't have, and eventually we are so tuned into to the voices of others and their needs, that we no longer recognize when our inner voice is trying to speak to us. We've lost contact with ourselves. This is one way our voice goes into hiding. The work is to rebuild the connection to ourselves and trust the knowing of our inner voice, that it will help us set boundaries because it knows when we are out of balance. Every day our body is giving us signals, our emotions are there to tell us something. When we bury or suppress our emotions, or body signals, we numb ourselves and life begins to happen to us, rather than through us. Quiet your mind and body, connect with your inner self. How can you more fully participate with your inner voice today? Consider joining our Enterprise Coach Cohort - a journey of self-discovery in Self as Instrument and in leading others authentically!

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