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Courageous Authenticity

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

by Michele Madore

Your Voice is already speaking. It's not really about 'finding your voice'; it's about letting your voice speak and letting it be good enough. As you reflect on today, when did you hold back sharing your thoughts, ideas or feelings? When were you afraid to speak your truth? What would your voice say if you weren't afraid? When will you allow your voice to come out of hiding? Do you get feedback that people perceive you as passive or distant? Here's one unlocking move you can try. When you feel yourself going passive in a meeting or conversation, notice it, and then name it into the space. Simply disclose to those in the room your feeling of wanting to check out and not contribute, for whatever reason is true for you. The simple act of self-disclosure begins to close the distance between you and others. In that one unlocking move, without even an actual sharing of your idea, you have become less passive. People begin to hear your voice. They begin to see you as more authentic, and they will become more curious about what your voice really wants to say. Imagine what would happen if we all got really curious about what the quiet-hidden voices have to say...

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